Our Fee's & Charges

Please find our Fee's & Charges below

Please note these may change from time to time – we will endeavor to contact you with changes but its always best to check back if you are unsure

Pay As You Go

Below are the current rates for Pay As You Go Lines for SIP Trunking

  • 10c Per Call Local/National Calls
  • 33c Per Call 13/1300
  • 16c Per Minute Fixed to Mobile

International Call’s are charged at individual rates – For customers International Calling is disabled by default.

NBN Co Fee's & Charges

Quick answer: Rummage Connect does not charge any activation or setup fees and standard nbn™ installations. However, Non-standard, additional or subsequent installations may require you to pay additional charges.

There are two types of NBN Co Non-Standard Installations:

  • NBN Co Subsequent Installation; and
  • NBN Co Non-Standard Installation

If any additional NBN Co installation charges apply, we’ll let you know how much (normally $297) and get your permission before you’re charged.

Are you renting? 
If you’re renting and this NBN Co Non-Standard Installation fee applies, we recommend you request your landlord to reimburse you the $297 charge as it is a once off charge that only applies when you first connect your rented property to the nbn™ (the next tenant won’t have to pay for it which makes it a once off property cost).

If your landlord (or real estate agent) is unwilling to reimburse you for this one-off charge, we recommend you contact and seek advise from your State or Territory consumer protection agency as depending on the law in your State or Territory, your landlord may be required to reimburse you.

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